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LoJack LotSmart

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개발자: Lojack Corporation
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LoJack LotSmart™ is an advanced, enterprise-grade telematics service that helps car dealerships better manage their vehicle inventory to streamline operations, improve customer service and ultimately their bottom line. By installing a small telematics device in each vehicle, dealership personnel gain access to powerful features that help them actively monitor their inventory from anywhere with an internet connection, see which batteries need charging and which don’t. LotSmart also allows dealers to sell-through the telematics device to consumers so they can access powerful connected car features to help make them feel more secure on the drive ahead.
With LotSmart, you can access these powerful features at your dealership:
• Actively monitor vehicle inventory right from your mobile phone or tablet
• Easily see which batteries need charging and which don’t to make sure test drives and deliveries happen as planned
• Set virtual boundaries to get alerts about unauthorized use or when vehicles are off the lot
• Increased functionality and advanced search features are available when integrated with dealer services systems
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Availability of LotSmart services may depend on cellular coverage, certain functionality may depend on vehicle’s year, make and model. Use of LotSmart and the consumer sell-through product SureDrive are subject to the End User License Agreement and the LoJack Privacy Statement. LoJack® and the LoJack logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of LoJack Corporation in the United States and other countries.